What is Nickeycat: MUlti-SErvice Network?

The I2P Project for the BOINC community

Wish to explore & use easily the I2P network?
Now we testing this in BOINC-project. Next step is to build map of the I2P.

testing stage #1

How I2P router looks in real time.
Main page only. Wish to see more? Run your own :-)
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Frequently Asked Questions - I2P

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Road map

    * Test and debug windows x64 application, site functions
    * Add a Linux x64 application
    * Add applications for other operating systems, if necessary
    * Start micro crowdfunding campaign to launch I2P nodes in data centers in Europe, Canada, USA. Each node will cost about $40 per year. Each donor will have access to these nodes to use in their own purposes and to view statistics. 100 mbit dedicated, unmettered traffic servers i found now. Best case at the moment.

The priority of these tasks may be changed.
9 Jul 2019, 17:04:37 UTC · Discuss

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